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The 4A's of Meaningful Change

The 4A's of Meaningful Change
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A guide to moving the needle on behaviour change.

TLDR; this post lays out the 4A's of creating meaningful change in your life. Often, we're missing two of the important "A's", Alignment and Accountability. Both are essential to moving from Awareness to Action, and making change stick.

It's often said that the one constant in life is change.

And most of us have something that we'd like to move the needle on.

Lose a little weight. Save a little money. Change jobs. Travel more. Stress less. Write more. Communicate better. Be more present with loved ones.

Stop checking our phones 8327 times a day.

Make life a little easier.

And yet, most of the time, we're stuck. Struggling to breakthrough the status quo, the inertia that feels like cement in our shoes. Unable to put the phone away or resist the extra bit of dessert.

This post is for you. And it's for me (I get stuck too).

It's the simplest, most straightforward and streamlined approach to lasting behaviour change that I've been able to articulate (after a dozen years of working in addiction treatment and wrestling with my own habits - good and bad).

We'll be breaking down 4 distinct components of making meaningful change stick;

  1. Awareness
  2. Alignment
  3. Action
  4. Accountability

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